****  Sponsor & Booking Information  ****

If you are interested in scheduling a display please contact us 
 as soon as possible to see if the dates are available. 

We try to have the schedule compiled by March 30th each year 
but many times we have dates left open in between. 
If you have a specific date you wish The Quilt of Tears 
to displayed in your community, please book early! 
**Quite unfortunately due to the loss of past venues because of last**
 **minute cancelations we now require a non-refundable $500 deposit.**

Our sincere wishes are to be able to work with all communities, 
& event organizers that are interested in bringing 
The Agent Orange Quilt of Tears to your area. 
Many times communicating by telephone can be easier with 
details, idea’s, funding, etc.      

Telephone : 1-863-422-7788         Cell: 1-407-922-6120
Fax:  1-863- 421-2333 

Agent Orange Victims & Widows Support Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 90 Davenport, Florida 33836

If you would like to fax or mail  us a sponsor application one can be 
printed out at the link below:

*** Displaying The Quilts: ***

** Please See Tips & Ideas Farther Down **

It is necessary for the host location to provide adequate means to display the quilts.  
The Quilts must be displayed indoors if possible, in a tent or other covered area that 
is 30’x 50’ currently, there are 28 Quilts measuring 80 inches wide by 100 inches long with Velcro straps at the top for hanging. They can be hung back to back provided 
there is enough room to walk completely around.  Some form of lighting should be thought of if the display will be open after dark. 

When we travel to your area driving our own vehicle we have our own
 rack system and equipment that we bring with us.
 The height for our rack system is 9 ft. high 

We cannot bring our own equipment when flying. 

We do have a diagram that may help with directions for constructing quilt racks 
if you would like or need help with a display rack concept. 
It uses 1½ inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. 
The cost is fairly inexpensive and it is likely that the PVC pipe can be reused for
 other projects afterwards.

~~Other Tips, Ideas, & Options for Displaying Quilts~~

** A covered or indoor setting is always best! ** 
(Tents work well as long as they are big enough & dry enough!)
**  Each Quilt Measures 80 in. by 100 in. **
(We do need a ladder to use!)
** Each Quilt is designed with 4 sets of Velcro pieces for hanging **
** The Quilts are one sided and can be hung back to back to display ** 

The pictures below may also help 

#1 & #2   Are Both Outdoor Freestanding With Our PVC Rack
Quilts are hung back to back which allows both sides to be seen
(rope anchors for tie down or weights for bottom should be available in case of wind!)
We don't prefer this sort of outdoor display as it is not good on the Quilts.
# 1
# 2
# 3  This particular tent was a huge party tent &  where we were able to use the poles of the tent frame to hang the Quilts from. With this particular tent the sides were tall enough, some tents are not.

#4 This tent was tall enough but not large enough so we used parts of PVC rack to display some Quilts down the middle of the tent also. 
# 3
# 4
Tents like these in Pic #3 & #4 normally have flaps or outside walls available which is always a good thing to have readily available due to weather changes.
# 5
#5 These racks were built by a friend out in Sioux Falls, SD & worked excellent! Here again we hung the Quilts back to back ,
which can sometimes save materials & space.
Thank You! 

You have made it to our Booking & Sponsor Information Page 
 We appreciate your interest in this project & hope that we can work with 
you to bring The Agent Orange  Quilt Of Tears to your community.    
Print Out The_Quilt_Of Tears_Rack.doc
Print Out The_Quilt_Of Tears_Rack.doc
# 6
# 7
#6 & #7  
 This way  of displaying worked excellently! The Chapel had a drop ceiling & ropes were hung down from the framework in the ceiling. Pieces of PVC pipe was added & then leveled. There was nothing in the walkways to create a trip hazard & here again we hung the Quilts back to back.