Spc Forrest Neal Jones US Army

**Spc 4 “Corky” Darrell Parton US Army

** Merl W Crutcher USAF

Melvin John Banthrall US Army

**Sgt Arvid “Arv” Lyle Morgan Jr. USAF

**Sgt Joseph J. Gallagher US Army

** Ron Ashenbermer USAF

Donald Edward Nihiser  US Army

Robert Joseph King Jr. (Bob)    US Navy

**CMSGT Lloyd W Cooper    USAF

**Spc 5  Chris Henry Petrakis   US Army

** Cpl  Donald Stanley Rosolowski  USMC

** Neil E Knauer    US Navy 

Gary M. Kaahberg    US Army

Gene Dubois    USMC

William Edward McHale     US Army

William C. Nachman      US Army

Russ Davis      US Army

Lawrence  D'Alelio    USMC

John Curran     USMC

 "A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, and the men it remembers."
As I gaze upon this quilt today, the image of death is altered.
I see instead the symbol of life,  for heroes who never faltered.
Fear not my great soldier
For your story shall be passed down throughout the years
Because the fabric of your life is sewn into the Quilt Of Tears.
Although tears are shed & hearts are broken with each & every entry on this honor roll we believe that to forget the ultimate sacrifices endured by the heroes that fell victim to the legacy of Agent Orange would be the biggest tragedy & injustice of all.    May we never forget....
**Names of those represented on the quilts are listed directly below each quilt    ** represents verified deceased.
 ** MSgt. Gerald H. LeFevre  *USAF 
~ Quilt # 2 ~
~ Quilt # 3 ~
** Sgt. Alan William Cooper  * US Army

** Ronald E. Bauer    * US Army

** Randy L. Harrold   * US Army

Richard Henry Nourse  * News Correspondent

** Barney Lee Goodman   * US Army

** John Henry Bauer  * US Army

** Stephen T. Littell  *US Army

** Ssgt. Richard A. Genore  *US Army

DeKalb High School Class Of 1962

** Randy Davis    * Child

Thomas White   * US Army

William Lowe  *US Army

** James Clair Shamp  * USAF

** Steven Burdette Mays  * Child

** Tsgt. Joseph Ferencz   *USAF

** Gary L. Bryant  *US Army

Glen A. Walters  * US Army

Dennis Lee Giles   * US Army

** Sgt.Maj. Arthur F. Mortlock Jr. 
* US Army
~ Quilt # 5 ~
~ Quilt # 6 ~
~ Quilt # 7 ~
~ Quilt # 8 ~
~ Quilt # 9 ~
~ Quilt # 10 ~
~ Quilt # 11 ~
~ Quilt # 12 ~
~ Quilt # 18 ~
~ Quilt # 19 ~
~ Quilt # 20 ~
~ Quilt # 21 ~
~ Quilt # 22 ~
~ Quilt # 23 ~
~ Quilt # 25 ~
~ Quilt # 27 ~
~ Quilt # 1 ~
** M/Sgt. Gerald H. LeFevre  * USAF
James Grant – Loadmaster  * USAF
Acie Patterson   * USAF
Bill Hofberg     * USAF
LCpl. Richard K. Harvell    * USMC   

Robert Emerson   

Richard Cambert   

** Jim Howley   * 173rd Airborne  
** Leonard F Beaudry   * US Army

** Herman C. Oliver   * USMC

** Vincent P. Rebokus Jr.   * USMC

** MSGT. Billy D. Prater   * USAF

SSG. Catherine L.  Oatman  
*Women's Army Corps

** Don F. Stigler Sr.

** Donald W. Parker  * US Army
~ Quilt # 4 ~
** Maj. Jerome Keyes

** MSGT. James Dean Collier

“Thank You” block submitted by Kimberly Duff 1999

“Agent Orange Kills” Skulls 
250,000 Have Died

Richard A. Eads

** Daniel Feist  * US Army

** Marvin E.  Nester  * US Army

Dioxin Kills Block

** CPT. Joel Rosenbaum  * USAF

Phoenix Vet Center

Maude E. DeVictor
“Mother of  AO”

** James Grant  * USAF

Gary Chenett  * US Army

LCPL. Richard T. Dix  * USMC “Shoreparty”

1st Lt. Yvonne E. Garrison R.N.  * USAF

Gary E. Hawker  * USMC

“Where is the band who so vautingly swore a home & a country shall leave us no more?” block submitted 1999
 by Kimberly Duff

1st Sgt. Wesley Davis   * US Army

Lynne Geer-Brock R.N.  * USAF

** Courtney C. Schron   * USMC

** SGT. Maj. Troy M. Baker Jr. 

George R. Cavaliere   * US Army

SGT. Kenneth R. Cobb   * USMC

Richard A. Dudas

“Blessed Are The Peacemakers” Block
Submitted by N. Myrick R.N.

** William J. Cullen

** Lannon Paul Hart    *173 Airborne

Thomas R. Lemmons   * 173 Airborne

** MSGT. Charles P. Bronston   * USMC

Denny Duenwald   * USAF

Lawrence Mikesell   * US Army

Old Glory Block

** Henry L. Coplen   * US Army

** Clarence Rob Robinson

Thomas L. Priestley   * US Army

Patrick A. Montana   * US Army

Thomas A. Funk   * USAF

Relfe Hoffman   * US Army

Eddie J. Allen    * US Army

** Michael Carolan   * US Army

Help Save Our Vets block

John Robert Brejla   * US Army

Bruce A. Palmer

James Hyland   * USAF

Bruce D. Olson   * USMC

Richard Alstead   * US Army

Richard A. Olson   * US Army

Uncle Sam I Can Do Anything Block

** John Keith Coder   * USAF

** Lt. JG. Elmo R. Zumwalt 3rd  * 

DOW Shall Not Kill Block

** Larry Hatcher   * US Army
“Whose broad stripes & bright stars through the perilous fight” block submitted by Kimberly Duff

** John V. Henry   * US Army

Dennis M. Sheppard

Charles M. Tuma

Kelly Eliason  * US Army

Herbicide Map Block

SSGT. Ace Helkins    * US Army

SGT. Michael V. Leiker   * US Army

** Sr. MSGT. Deyerle R. Longley   * USAF

** SSGT.Lawrence L.  Lockard Sr.    * USAF

** Douglas Diamond Howard Jr.  * US Army

** Cpl. John Quentin Nelson   * USMC

David Miller  * USMC

Larry L. Kerr   * USAF

John E. Shulman   * US Army

** Michael A. Rem  * US Army

Cpt. John Nelson Broussard   * USMC

** Robert Lee Stogdale   * USAF

Richard E. Deubler 3rd  * USMC

“We The American People”
    Charles Sheehan-Miles, Cassandra Garner
    Jerry Wheaton, Paul Sullivan
    Candy Lovett, Daniel Sullivan
    Michael Donelly, Carol Picou
Larry Preston Smalling   * US Army

** Timothy L. Gilmore

** Tim R. Bauer

Msgt. Johnny Sanchez   * USAF

**Adrian Akins     *US Army

George Joseph Peyton Jr.   * US Army

** Hank Lynn    * USN  

Hillard  R. Minor    * US Army

Johnnie R. Clark    * US Army

** Ray Moncrief

** Woody Hicks

**Charles  Ribling     *USAF

Cpl. Jackie L. Holloway    * USMC

** SGT. Ronald Williams   * US Army

** George T. Haynes   * 173rd Airborne

** Stanley Lewis Kilgore

**Larry Black  * US Army

Larry Capps   * US Army

**Charles Vintson    * USMC

** Donald Dwight Johnson   * USAF
Hearts & Stars Block

Michael B. Crow   * USMC

Harry Martin  

USA Flag Block

Brightman Emery Leland    * USN

Ronald Shidler    * US Army

Riley E. Ross    * USAF

Ron D Rossani    * USAF

State Of Maryland Block

William Rini

Rodney E. Smith    * USN

Agent Orange Health Club Block

Herbert G. Blackson    * USAF

Agent Orange Family Block

Peacemaker Block

To Our Children Block

K.L. Marret     * USMC

Jeffrey C. Nelson    * USMC
Dennis Anderson    * US Army

Robert B. Laughner Jr.    * USN

Denny Rollick    * US Army

Michael Robert Mosier    * US Army

Walter L. Mahaney    * US Army

Thomas Mahaney    * US Army

Bucktail Chapter Block

“Never Again Shall One Generation Of Veterans 
Abandon Another” Block

Jan V. Anthony    * USMC

David Bucok     * USN

David W. Kalinoski     * USN

Walter J. Donachy     * US Army

Jim Steinbiser Jr.    * USMC

Leroy T. Wehler     * US Army

James R. Haight    * US Army

Richard E. DeSantis    * USMC

Samuel D. Shefeyk    * USMC

** James J. Porter Jr.

Dennis L. Hurd    * US Army

Townsend W. Kirtland Jr.

Edwin August Barthel    * USN

** Jessie J. Carter    * US Army

** CW2 Donald L. Bailey    * US Army

** Rudolph Mason Davis Jr.    * US Army

Julius Robinson Jr.    * US Army

Clifford Prosser     * US Army

L Cpl. Harold Glenn Casey     * USMC

1st SGT. Willie R. Chapman     * US Army

** William Brooke Taylor     * USMC

Jimmy R. Hartley    * US Army

** Thomas M. Walton Jr.     * USMC

Agent Orange Rainbow Block

Jim McFarlane     * US Army

Ron Grago   * US Army

** Michael J. Reilly     * US Army

Agent Orange Kills Triangle Block

~ Quilt # 13 ~
~ Quilt # 14 ~
Bryan L. Wiggins

David Ray Lewis   * US Army

Junior L. Stark    * US Army

Sgt. Don Warshaw    * US Army

** Graydon P. Joliff   * US Army

Albert E. Noel    * US Army

Joseph Kolodziejski     * US Army

** Bernard Berry    * US Army

Jarrett J Mushaben    *USN

** Franklin Delano Craddock     * USMC

Welcome Home Heart Block

Michael A. Foss     * USMC

Dennis L. Giggey    * US Army

Cyril M. Slovak     * USAF

Gary Chenett     * US Army

John B. Middleton     * USMC

John P. Rizzo     * US Army

Donald Ruebenfell Jr.      * USMC

Keith D. Galloway      * USAF

Jerome A. Moore      * US Army

Henry C. Snyder      * US Army

** MSGT Jack F. Griffin    * US Army

Stanley W. Love   * US Army

SSGT. James M. Trago    * US Army

** LTC. Donald E. Chamberlain   * US Army

Jerry Camp     * USN

** SGT. George Rohrhuber 3rd     * USMC

** SSGT. Scotty Collins    * US Army

Joseph P. Higginbottom    * US Army

Buddy W. Ennis     * US Army

Richard Milo     * US Army

A/O Black Diabetic Victims Block

**Richard A. McKechan     * US Army

** D. Joe Hanish      * USMC

** Maurice C. Sowry    * USMC

Richard C. Brendlen     * US Army

~ Quilt # 15 ~
Entire Quilt Made In Honor Of 
** William G. Saidel
Made by William’s Family
~ Quilt # 16 ~
** Edward Thomas Evans     * USMC

** CPL. James Lesoski     * US Army

** Russell Scott Stewart    * US Army

** SSG. Ronald McGovern     * US Army

** Curtis Owen Hampel Jr.     * US Army

** Newton Ray Robinson      * US Army

** Kim I. Meyer      * USMC

** 1st Lt. John Francis O’Brien    * US Army

** John Thomas Murphy Jr.    * USMC

The Fire Within Block
Poem submitted by Jacques E. Linder 2002

** SSGT. Richard Lee Feisthamel     * USMC

Jerry Kervin     * US Army

SGT. Dietmar Schneider     * US Army

Robert Joseph Martin    * US Army

VVA Chapter 755 Block

** John Jeffrey Messer     * US Army

** Richard Lee Lessig

Jim –Skip- Kervin      * US Army

~ Quilt # 17 ~
Memorial Quilt In 
** Memory Of Jennie R. LeFevre

Don Warshaw’s Graphic
“The Dragon Within”
In Memory Block

** Gary Allan Kroger     * US Army

** George Daniel Bartol     *US Army

** Robert Lee Simpson      * US Army

HQ Sector B9    * USMC
“The Walking Dead”

** Jesse Don Hennig     * US Army

** CW2  Robert L. George

** Cecilia Del Carmen Fitzpatrick

MSGT. David B Tharp    * USAF

Firebase Network 
In Memory Block

Jere Beery 
In Memory Block

Veterans Tribute & Museum
Of Osceola Co. 
In Memory Block

A/O Veterans Group at Yahoo 
In Memory Block

In Memory Block

Memorial Quilt In 
** Memory Of Jennie R. LeFevre
This Quilt Is In Memory Of  Jennie's Life & Her Many Accomplishments 
The Quilt Was Made Entirely By Jennie's
 Sister, Minibel Bast
 It Was Dedicated On
 Memorial Day, 2005 

** MSGT. Lester Duane Payton    
* US Army

** Martin Entrichel    * 173rd Airborne

** Kieth Halda      * US Army

** LCpl. James Patrick Pifer     * USMC

** Glenn A. Walters       * US Army

Lloyd C. Gibson      * US Army

** Frederick Leroy Mossop      * US Army

** Cpl. Louis Edwin Westerburg     

Allen Moss Silver       * US Army

SSG. Michael D. Collins      *US Army

Spc. Donald W. Giesler      *US Army

SGT. James E. Frost     *USMC

**MSGT  Luis Romero Jr.    *USMC

MSGT William F. McLain (Mac)   
*USAF Ret.

IC1 Stephen G. Edmison  *USN Ret.

**SGT Gary Michel    *US Army

**Harold Butch Murphy     *USN

**James Lester Luebke    *US Army

**Donald Wayne Vaswig   *USN

Gary L. Holler  *US Army

David R. Kelser

**Sp 5  Robert Paul Argott  *US Army

**SGT. Major William E. Bowles, Jr.  *US Army

Spec 5 John T. Bard   *US Army

**Charles C. Petefish   *US Army

Sgt. Adalino Cabral   *USAF

**Ronald R. Fajbik  *US Army

In Honor Of All Agent Orange Victims
*Submitted by Bev Christman & Carol Wilson

David R. Haskell  *USMC

**George Marlan Fenne  *USAF

Sandy L. Meyer

**Harold E. Webb   *US Army

**Richard Kerkhove  *US Army

**Joseph E. Bateman

Edward J Godin  *US Army

John J. Hogan

Submitted by VVA Chapter 542
Lovingly sewn together by AVVA Members of 542
  Laurie A. Reily, Sandy Allen, 
& Laurie F. Viozzi

** Kevin J. Donoghue  
*Dust Off-57th Med.

Sgt. Jan B. Yupcavage  *US Army

Julian J. Jackson  *USN

Jacquez E. Fouse  *USMC

**C. Brett Keister  *US Army

Sgt. Joe Novak   *USMC

MSGT. Bob Pope, Sr.  *USMC

Lawrence W. Carter  *US Army

**Pfc Ronald M. Fitzpatrick  *US Army

Ray Thorn  *USN

Allen D. Williams  *US Army

SSgt. V.S. "Skip" Lehman, Jr.  *USAF

Pfc. Juan Martinez-Quiles  *US Army

Gary Lewis D.O.  *US Army

David Wayne Emerick  *USMC

Sgt. Jeffrey W. Keister  *USMC

Bill Noell  *USN

Block Adorned With The American Flag

Block Adorned With POW-MIA Flag
Block Adorned With American Fallen Heroes Patch

John M. Travers  Dust Off Pilot  
*US Army

Lovingly sewn together by Ginger Muns
Beaver County, PA.

**Arthur P. "Bunky" Gill, Jr. *USAF

Gordon Zeak

Tom Haberkorn  *USAF

Lt. Kenneth J. Mabe  *US Army

Herbert Jackson

Cpl. Jerry McManus  *US Army

Sgt. Kenneth D. Costlow  *USMC

William T. Muns

Frank Lee Corfield  *USAF

**Roger D. Doughty, Jr.  *USMC

Nicholas G. "Pack" Pavkovich  *US Army

**John Namath  "The Chief"  *US Army

Sgt. Lloyd "Skip" Haskell  *USMC

**MSGT. Edward Bernstein  *USAF

**Gunny T.J. Miller  *USMC

Sgt. Jon A. "Bear"  Neeley  *US Army

Sgt. Thomas V. "Squirrel" Robes  *USMC

Wilmer Blaine "Wild Willie" Allinder  *US Army

Block In Honor Of  Pennsylvania's 
Vietnam Veterans Affected By Agent Orange
By VVA & AVVA Pennsylvania Ass.

Block Adorned With Silver Rose Patches

~ Quilt # 24 ~
This Quilt was made with VVA & AVVA Chapter Blocks 
Representing The State Of Pennsylvania's Members
Lovingly sewn by **Louise Schmidt of AVVA Chapter 590
& Signed by Gold Star Mother Ruth Stonesifer

VVA Chapter 565

VVA Chapter 791 - Central Pa. Chapter

AVVA Chapter 587 - Somerset Co. Chapter

VVA Chapter 678 - Pocono Chapter

AVVA Chapter 364

VVA Chapter 349 - Valley Forge Chapter

VVA Chapter 587 - Somerset Co. Chapter

VVA Chapter 862 - Beaver Co. Chapter

VVA Chapter 948 - St. Mary's Pa.

VVA Chapter 435 - Erie Pa.

VVA Chapter 364 -
 Laurel Highlands Chapter

VVA Chapter 623 -
 Tri State Chapter, Milford, Pa.

VVA Chapter 436 - Chester Co. Pa.

VVA & AVVA Chapter 967

VVA & AVVA Chapter 862 - 
Beaver Co. Pa.

VVA Chapter 266 - Liberty Bell Chapter

"Pennsylvania Remembers"
VVA & AVVA Of Pennsylvania

Vietnam Veterans of America Pennsylvania Associates
Agent Orange/ Tom Miller Memorial Pin

VVA Chapter 974 - Clearfield, Pa.
In Memory Of Their Deceased Members:
Bill Ross, Jeff Fluke, Dick Goodroe, & Gerald Bloom
Honoring Their Members Still fighting:
Ed Hullihen, Howard Hunt, Thomas Yarger, & Richard Bell

VVA Chapter 679 - Huntingdon 
 (Incarcerated Chapter)
Spec.4 Harold "Blue" Stevens
Vietnam Veterans of America
Veterans Incarcerated White Paper

** Albert Spitzer  *USAF

**Edward W. Miller Jr.  *US Army

Ronald E. Karis  *US Army

** William Hilton  *USMC

Daniel Joe Wilson  *US Army

A1C  Steve Schade  *USAF

A1C  Earl M. Graby, Jr.  *USAF

**Eugene  C. Marbeiter  *USN

**Frederick J. Lance  *US Army

*Monte Joe Smith  *US Army

James J. Spelic  *US Army

** David Newhouse

**Thomas M. Scanlan  *USMC

**Capt. Agnes "Irish" Bresnahan  
*US Army

**Sgt. Alexander Noel Clark  *USMC

** James Wheeler Uhlenbrauck

Sgt. William "Bill" J. Howard, Jr.  
*US Army

** Kevin A. Murphy Sr.  * US Army

Submitted by VVA & AVVA
 members of Pennsylvania

Ssgt. Charles W. Myers  *US Army

Conrad H. Gordon  *Us Army

Charles Karalfa  *Us Army

John H. (Jack) Webb  *US Army

Don Wolfe  *US Navy

John Farmer  *US Army

John T. Saddington  *USMC

Ssgt. Jack Anthony Giralico  
*US Army

Roger L. Miller  *USAF

John C. Foy  *US Army

Donald Frampton  *US Army

Pennsylvania AVVA

VVA Chapter 590

VVA & AVVA Chapter 587

VVA & AVVA Chapter 364

VVA & AVVA Chapter 96

~ Quilt # 26 ~
Albert Edward Davis III  *USMC

Donald W. Deimund   *USAF

Charles  R. Vaughan Jr.  *USN

Col. Fred  Gersh  *USAF

Noah B. Dillion  *US Army

* Craig W. Anderson  *US Navy

* Richard Trevor Wills  *US Army

Block Honoring All Veterans
Submitted In Memory of 
Suzanne E. Bullock, RN
A VA nurse who spent 20 yrs.serving Veterans  

* Gary Wayne Jacks

** John Earl Jones LC   *USMC

John  J. Ruzalski  *US Army

Michael  C. Ruzalski   * Son of Veteran 

** William Lee Haire, Jr.  *US Army

** Lee John Hilton    *U.S. Airforce

Sgt. John M. Schilly    *USMC

**Chester M. Wolfe     *USMC

**Lyndal Gordon Kohl     *US Army

**Sgt. Lawrence Evans     *US Army

** Robert Adam Weber   *USAF

David L. Starr    *USMC

Wayne  Samuel Fogel    *US Army

**Anthony G. Johnson    *US Army

** Eddie Leroy Saylor    *US Army

**Tommy Luther Cheek  *US Army

Gary Ledsworth  *US Navy

John F. DeLucia   *US Navy

Gary Carl Hettrick  *USAF

Sally (McQuown) Allaway  *US Army

Mary Ellen McQuown
Daughter of Veteran

** SP4 Robert Louis Lutes  *US Army

Ssgt. E6 Phillip A. Gaudette  *US Army

**Harrison Elden “Bud” Seward
*US Army

**Ltc. Alan D. Hix  *US Army

**Michael Anthony Weber  *US Army

**Alfred Curtis Smith  *US Army

**Hope Nicole Snyder
Granddaughter of Veteran

~ Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears ~
~ Roll Of Honor ~
Photo by Jesse Marx Copyright 2010
Armrdangel copyright 2010 
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~ Quilt # 28 ~
**Ronald W. White     *USAF

Gary Calvin Crippen        USMC

Claude White US Army 

MSG William J Moustrouphis US Army

**Gary M. Fischer *US Army

Sgt. Michael B. Harrison *US Army

SP-4 Patrick Michael O’Brien *US Army  

Robert Franklin “Frank” Scott *US Army

  Richard “Doc” Eversole *US Army

**Mary Elizabeth Marchand
“Founder Of The Order Of The Silver Rose”

** Clarence Joseph Vinning Jr.
“Swampy” US Navy Seabee

**Harry “Swede” Bertil Svensson *US Army

**Paul Laluna *USMC

** Spc 4 Jay W. Bigelow *US Army

**Don G. Lindley Memorial Run

**Sgt E5 James “Papa Smurf” Martina

2005 Kansas City Patch

(2) Agent Orange Dioxin Kills Blocks

Patriotic USA Patch

Armrdangel copyright 2010 
~ Quilt # 29 ~
Armrdangel copyright 2010 
​~ Made honoring Veterans & 
submitted by:
Suzanne Cawley, Vonnie Clinker, Marj Coffey, Sharon Diehl,
 Marlene Foley, Karen Herriot, Angie Layton, Sherry Strietbeck
& Montag of Bedford

** James Edward Roxby “Murph”  
*US Army

Michael & Wendall Strietbeck

Gary Lilard, Ronald Gulbronson,
Henry Harbaugh & George Davis, Sr.

John Loar *US Army

Darrel J. Hamrick *US Army

~ Quilt # 30 ~
Armrdangel copyright 2010 
~ Quilt #30 ~
Quilted & created by Dave from Schellsburg, PA
& AVVA Chapter 967

Sgt. Thomas V. Robes “Squirrel *USMC

Jack Timalax

Marlin L. Plymette II *USAF

Sgt. William A. Greene *USMC

Robert Gaydosh *US Navy

Ralph Miller *USMC

Sgt. Woodrow Main *US Army

*Michael C. Mclaughlin *USMC

Michael A. Campagna *USMC

Sp. 5 Dave Smith *US Army

~ Quilt # 31 ~
~ Quilt # 32 ~
In Honor of Tinora High School 
Vietnam Veterans

Sp4 Ric Booher *US Army

‘We Here Are Your People’ Block

**James C. Miller *US Army

1st Sgt. Richard J. Shaner *US Army

N.W. Ohio Veterans Orgs. & Auxs.

**DC 3 Phillip Schackow *US Navy

Sp4 Teddy L. Mathes *US Army

UAW Local 211 Block
Sp4 Ron Rathburn *US Army ~
 Cpl Tom Gallant *US Marines
DC3 Phillip Schackow *US Navy ~ 
Sp5 Gene Wolf *US Army~ 
LCpl A Wayne Forester *US Marines ~
 Sp4 Dennis Stark *US Army ~
 PO3 Richard Dandy *US Navy
Sp4 Jerry C. Wise *US Army ~
 Sp4 Lesley Stanton *US Army
PO2 Robert Underwood *US Navy ~
 Sp4 J.D. Grim *US Army
Sp4 Robert L. Sponsler *US Army ~ 
E6 Roy R. Bragg *US Army
Sp4 George Schindler *US Army ~
 Sp4 Gene Ankney *US Army
 Sp5 Junior L. Stark *US Army ~
 Sp4 Ronnie Posie *US Army
Wendell N. Peterson, Jr. *US Army
Sp4 Tristan Trevio *US Army ~
 Sp4 Arnoldo Trevio *US Army

Sp4 George Schindler *US Army

Forgotten Our Innocent Children Block
Jeff Schindler Son Of US Army Vet 
George Schindler
D.J. Underwood Son Of US Navy Vet 
Robert Underwood

**Robert E. Underwood *US Navy
Sgt. Guy F. Hall *US Army

Honoring All Vets
VFW Post 5087 Antwerp, Ohio

Sgt. Neil Dwight Levy *US Marines

2nd Class PO Richard L. Clifford *US Navy
**Major Gerald L. Froelich *US Army
Corp. Tom Gallant *US Marines

American Legion Post 137 Farmer, Ohio
American Legion Post 680 Ney, Ohio

Gene Wolf *US Army

Herman A. Hesselschwardt Detachment #758 US Marine Corp League
 Defiance, Ohio
Armrdangel copyright 2015
~ Quilt # 33 ~
Armrdangel copyright 2015
Armrdangel copyright 2015

**Clyde L. Phelps *USAF

SSGT Tortorella *USAF

**David John Hancock *US Army

**David H. Miles *US Army

**Gary Lee Boldt *US Army

**Thomas F. Randall *US Army

**Harry Joseph Walker *US Navy

**Randall Jon Addams *USAF

QM1 Walter F Hummel *US Navy

Murphy Gray *US Navy

**Dale Edward Schofield *US Navy

Kenneth H. McKnight *US Army

Harry Lee Morris *CW4 US Army

Bruce Wayne Zeissig *US Army

Rodney Layton Gillespie *CW2 US Army

**Paul Alan Bell *US Army

** James C. Miller  

**Joseph R. Kelbus *US Army

Poem honoring AO Veterans

​**George A. Middleton *US Army

**James A. Logsdon *US Army

Agent Orange Veterans

Richard Buhl *US Army

Robert E. Ferrell *US Navy

Danny Spratt *US Marines

**James Robert Roof *US Army

Lloyd W. Corry *US Army

James E. Paris *US Army

Ronald L. Morrow

**Marvin Ross Ruben **US Army

Lynn C. Shindel *US Navy

~ Quilt # 34 ~
Armrdangel copyright 2016
PFC Delmis (Bill) Hamner *US Army

SSG John B. Williamson *US Army

Cpl. Larry Dewitt Harris *USMC

**Ray E. Helms *US Army

**Thomas Owen Perry *US Army

Brent C. Wolfe *US Navy

**Sponcil Clinton Maynard *US Army

Tech Sgt. Kennrth A. Brogdon *USAF

SSgt. Vernon DyWayne Smith  
*US Army

Spc.5 Donald P. Morris *US Army

James Edwin Savage *US Army

Sfc Roscoe S. Peck *US Army

Dougherty Block

Spc. 4 Stephen Joe Miller *US Army

Dan Ashbury *USAF

Danny Hinkle *US Navy

Spc. 4 Martin Ross Sine *US Army

Sgt. William E. Bayless *USAF

Ray Clinton Huffer *US Army

Dougherty Block

~ Quilt # 35 ~
Armrdangel copyright 2016
Sgt. David Wolfe *US Army

Sgt. Richard Lipscomb *USMC

Lcpl Roger L. Rose *USMC

Sgt. David Smith *US Army

John Reed *US Army
**Block also honoring his best friend 
& his best friends daughter 
both deceased due to Agent Orange 
** Cecil Lee Jones *USMC
** Daughter Deidra

Cpl. Ronald G. Brooks *USMC

Sgt. Edward G. Mitchell Jr. *USMC

**Michael Kozakewich Jr. *USMC

USMC Block

Pfc David E. Currey *US Army

Sp Robert H. Roberts *US Army

Spc.4 Gary “Butch” Hughes *US Army

Spc.4 Donald W. Adkins *US Army

E-3 Owen Stout *USMC

Sgt. Doyle Moats *US Army

** Spc.4 Harry S. Truman *US Army

Lcpl. Lyle Ray Miller *USMC

Ssgt. Carroll Wayne Javins *US Army

~ Quilt # 36 ~
Armrdangel copyright 2016
**E-4 Sherman Arthur Copley *US Army

E-5 Barry Gene Belcher *US Army

** E-5 Brooks Perry, Jr. *US Army

**E-5 Curtis Bailey *US Army

E-4 Claude Stroud *US Army

E-5 Wade Henry Marcum *US Army

E-5 Wesley Leo Collins “Red” *US Army

E-5 Charles Edgar Sturgell *US Army
**E-6 Samuel Julian Varney “Jupe”  
*US Army

E-5 Troy Stroud *US Army

**E-4 Billy Porter *US Army

**E-5 Bernie L. Moore **US Army

E-3 Leonard Vance *US Army

**E-5 Daniel Cupid Nelson *US Army

E-5 Willard Sutherland, Jr. *US Army

HM3 Roy E. Moon (Doc Moon) 
*US Navy

E-4 Albert Dillon *US Army

**E-4 Roger Dale Estep *USMC

**David Lee Marcum *US Army

E-5 Lowell Tivis Sutherland *USAF

~ Quilt # 37 ~
Armrdangel copyright 2016

Quilt made by 
The Order Of The Eastern Star
2014 – 2015
Honoring All 
West Virginia Veterans

~ Quilt # 38 ~
~ Quilt # 39 ~
**Robert "Bob"  Eugene Phagan   US Army

**Mike Mercier  US Army

**David Eugene Forrester   USMC

**Gale Z Stoops    US Navy

Donald  B. Cooke     US Army

**Frank John Feucht     US Army

**Dennis Lee McMillin        US Army

**J D Johnson                   US Army   

**Michael  Dwight Garrett      US Navy 

**Richard A. Delaney           US Army

**David D. Hilken        USAF

Joe M. Bryant       US Army

**Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Strzelecki     USMC

**Francis J. Morin     US Army

Kathy Morin     Veterans Child

**Francis J. Morin II    Veterans Child

Armrdangel copyright 2016
~ Quilt # 40 ~

Dennis James Pank      US Navy

**David Edward Thomas     US Navy

Veterans Esteem Team Block
((this quilt was a community
project by the local
Veterans Esteem Team))

**Harlen K. Halvorsen      US Army

Earehart Harry    US Navy Seabee

Patrick Bell      USMC

Phillip Hunkele     US Army

**David Walter Donath     US Army

**Michael James Ball      US Army

Frank E. Franzel Jr.     US Army

Capt. David T. Bock      US Army

**Gerald Elmer Kreis      USMC

Lloyd Lake      US Army

Sgt. Loy James Vansickle      USAF

David Everett Hill      US Army

Sgt. David R. Riesch      USMC

Joe Mason      US Army

Armrdangel copyright 2016
Armrdangel copyright 2016