~Veterans Day 2005~
This Veterans Day Tribute is a little late but I think that everyone can see that we were pretty busy! Henry & I are very proud of our daughters & our grandkids without them our events wouldn't have turned out nearly as great as they were. On behalf of  our grandkids: Joseph, Billy Joe, Mariah, David, Tyler, Caleb, Andrew, Our daughters: Nicki & Melissa, Henry & I hope we represented our Veterans & Families well.
Thank Every One Of You!
Pictures are a combination of  Veterans Day Events in 2 different cites close to home this year. 
 Friday, 11/11/2005 in Lakeland, Fl. & Saturday, 11/12/2005 in Kissimmee, Fl.
We participated in the parades in both cites along with displaying The Quilts!

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Quilt Displays & Other Events!

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