This page is dedicated to the memory of 
Jennie  & Gerald Lefevre
Finding First the Good 

Finding first the good, one can 
approach all else... 

Being part of what is good, one can transcend the negative...

One cannot expect to conquer all 
evil, pain, sorrow and misery, 

but can do their best to lessen such 
things in the lives of others... 

Richard G. Shuster
(from Ricks Random Ramblings,Finding First the Good)

Jennie R LeFevre
April 20th, 1932
September 8th, 2004
A life lived without memories 
of the past is a life spent 
without love... 
A life without love is a 
forgotten one... 
and one whom must return until
 they can grow to have 
memories of joy as well
 as pain...
Then they begin to have emotions
which can teach them 
how to love... 
In return they shall be remembered 
as one who gave of their emotions 
Which shall allow them to 
live forever....
because they are remembered