Dedicated to my beloved husband, Patrich, 
withoutwhom I would not be who I am today:

 You came into my life
 lucky for me, you made me your wife
 You filled me with joy, peace and great love
 it was almost like you were sent from above

 God gave us many, many wonderful years
 We shared the good & the bad times and  yes there
 were tears
 Learning to laugh, to love & to live with each
 I am so glad neither of us ever thought it was a

 We taught each other what really matters
 Most of our time was happy, though some a little
 Loving our family was always number one
 and  we knew our life together was well from being

 Neither of us were perfect we made our own mistakes
 Our love carried us though and it was easy to take
 Unconditional love is what we truly had with each
 I am so grateful today you were my friend and my

 I have no regrets, nothing haunting my past
 My heart will carry your love, never to be cast
 I honor our marriage, our life and our lessons
 I know you are watching from above with your

 You left us way too soon, but I understand why
 the pain and the agony in your life was never a lie
 I watched as you got weaker and weaker, your time
 soon was ending
 I knew you were leaving, the angels, god was sending

 And I watched your strength, courage and serenity
 I knew in my heart you would be free in eternity
 I was amazed as I watched as your prepared for
 never once did you want us to be left here and

 Your love for your wife and your family, even as you
 had to depart
 was stronger than any other's I had witnessed  from
 the heart.
 You were ready to go, but still cared enough
 to ensure we would be taken care of, though it was

 I thank God every day for putting you in my life
 for bringing us together, as husband and wife
 for forming a family of values,love and respect
 for teaching me all that life could be at it's best

 You came into my life
 lucky for  me, you made me your wife
 You filled me with joy, peace and great  love
 it was almost like you were sent from above

  I will love you, always

  Bonnie Hamlin)

"Stitching her Love" © 
The love in her heart
she transferred to her hand
it gave her another way
to remember her man
He had suffered so long
the pain had been terrible
she had remained by his side
and tried to make it bearable 
Every stitch that she had made
were reflections of him
she had brought back her memories
and carefully reproduced them
An outline of his face
the days of his life
reason for his death
praise for a good fight
She had seen them at an event
they had taken away her breath
now there was a purpose in her life
the first since his death
The wonderful Quilt of Tears
will give her a chance to mend
as she shares with the world the memories
of her beloved Husband and friend 
Jim Rose, President
Galveston County Chapter 685
Vietnam Veterans of America
Army Transportation Association Vietnam 

"Visiting Hours" © 
The wind gently soothed her 
as she sat there in the grass 
she silently said a prayer 
and watched the hearse roll pass 
She could remember seeing one 
every time that she had been there 
she felt the families pain 
something that she had learned to bear 
Placing her hand on the small white cross 
she lovingly traced the name 
knowing that when they got their cross 
they would be doing the same 
She came during visiting hours 
almost every day 
he had given his life for his country 
it was a small price for her to pay 
It had been almost a year now 
she had been a faithful wife 
there would always be visiting hours 
for the rest of her life 
The moisture from the grass 
had soaked through her dress 
she got up to go home 
to give him some rest 
Goodnight my love 
and if it is within my powers 
I will come again tomorrow 
during visiting hours 
Jim Rose, 
President, Galveston County Chapter 685 
Vietnam Veterans of America President, 
Army Transportation Association Vietnam 

Country Smells & Butterflies
Songs & seasons,
Sad poems & reasons.
Seeking in the sun,
Remembering things I've done.

Country smells & butterflies,
All memories now I realize.

Sitting quietly in the sun,
The emotions inside making me run.
Running through fields of golden brown,
Nothing in the air bringing me down.

Country smells & butterflies,
All memories now I realize.

Things so beautiful & free,
Pretty things no one else can see.
Sending summer smiles,
Far, far away across the miles.

Country smells & butterflies,
All memories now I realize.

Your hand touching mine,
Touching me with a love so fine.
Just me loving you,
And you loving me too.

Country smells & butterflies,
All memories now I realize.

And now I walk alone.

© Shelia Snyder
I walk alone in a field of grass & sunshine 
with my tears falling within my soul 
& my heart so desperate for your touch.

I think of you as hours pass
 & as days turn into nights
I never stop thinking of you 
for you're always on my mind 
& forever in my heart.

As I look into a flowing spring 
I see only your shadow 
but I feel your love
 that splashes in my face.

And then I look up in the sky & 
see the birds flying free
I cry in lonliness... 
I love you & miss you so!

Then I pick a growing flower & 
it reminds me of you
Your so full of life & color & 
spread happiness to all!

Then as the flower would wilt,
 it reminds me of myself
I'd live for you & yet die for you. 
You are my life, my need, my love!

I cannot ask for anything more
 for I have the  world within me
& within me it will stay.

I look into the sunshine & 
see your shining eyes looking down
 at me with warmth & comfort
For you shall be mine!

From the picking of a flower 
to the wilting of its color
I love you, I love you, I do!

© Shelia Snyder
Love Can Build A Bridge
( By The Judds )
Barbara Littell
Jackie White
Kathy Moore
Jennie LeFevre
Genevieve Douglas
Diane Bowles
They have paid the ultimate price,
 their loyalty has never waivered.
They may need moments  to regain their strength
 But they are survivors ,
 Their courage is unsurpassed.
As they strive to preserve the memories of the past,
they are also striving to improve the future.
 May we always  be inspired by their strength,
their commitment, & their undying love.  
May we be strong enough to let them cry 
but not so strong that we cannot cry with them   
Most importantly
May our arms always be folded firmly around them 
& our love always be a part of their bridge..... 
Agent Orange 
Widows & Wives
Georgeine Marbeiter
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In Loving Honor Of The Agent Orange 
Widows  & The Wives
 I hope that the creation of this page serves as an inspiration to all who visit it. 
At this time please 'uncover' & salute these ladies, they have earned it.

 **Names marked with a cross signifies the widows honored here**
Carla Salgado
Carol Griffin
Shelia Winsett
Cathy Keister
Mary Miller
Carol Donahue
Rita Metzler
Cheryl Lee
Karen Faye
Sue Potter
Linda Berry
Kathy VanWasshnova
Jeanie Hennig
Pamela Picher
Darlene Spitzer
Donna Hilton
Hazel Miller
Pat Walley
Alice Graby
Rev. Pam Woolbert
Sharon Cusick
Gail DeBolt
Cindy Fluery
Maggie Riccio
Linda George
Patty Baisch
Mary Rogers
Heaven & Hugs
As we move ahead in years, we tend to go back in our memories of other times and places. It makes a nice temporary escape from our daily realities, but my experience 
is that going back is never the same nor as pleasing as our memories of it. I think that may be why God made Heaven as a goal for us and Hugs to hold us over until we get there. 
I can’t give you Heaven but I am sending you a rather substantial Hug right now.

(from Rick’s Random Ramblings, Heaven & Hugs©)

Jeannie Schreck
Sharon L. Nordberg
Debbie Anderson
Laura Murphy
Dorothy Hall
Sharon McKechan
Paulette Reeves
Nancy A Spelic
Patricia A. Gaudette
Janette Haire
Catherine Solomon
Joyce Evans
Dixie Miller
Marilyn Franklin
Debra Endres
Lyn Regan
Dear God,

The lady reading this is beautiful, 
classy and strong and I love her.

Help her live her life to the fullest.

Please promote her and cause her to excel above expectations.

Help her to shine in darkest places
and love where it is impossible to love.

Protect her at all times,
lift her up when she needs you the most,
and let her know that when she walks 
with you, she will always be safe.

Sharon Mowery
Bonnie Hamlin
Kathleen Wolfe
Barbara Davis Garey
"My Soldier Has Been Wounded" 

© Kathy Ostman-Magnusen)

My soldier has been wounded in his soul 
and his heart 
and he's come to some conclusions alone 
in the dark. 

I check on him at midnight and then again 
in the morn 
and although I sleep beside him in his pain 
he is alone. 

~ And it feels like a long way home a long way from that war 
yet as I look around me now fighting again 
I've seen this man made war before. 

Tainted is a soldier sent to foreign lands 
neglected by a country he's asked to to stand 
forever stand grand. 

~ And it feels like a long way home a long way from that war 
yet as I look around me now fighting again 
I've seen this man made war before. 

Don't tell him you understand 
He's heard those words before 
when all is said and done every soldier dies 
alone from war. 

Our memory a story a love song pure and free 
and in our alone hours those memories 
though sacred seemed to freeze. 

~ And it feels like a long way home a long way from that war 
yet as I look around me now fighting again 
I've seen this man made war before. 

I see it all around him the color Agent Orange 
and in a plea for mercy his candle that I cradle 
is softer in this song 

My soldier feels forgotten by a country not looking back 
a new war has been started no lessons from soldiers 
lost between the cracks. 

~ And it feels like a long way home. 


Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Carol Olszanecki
Rita D'Ottavio
Gail Seward
June R. Downey
Sheree Evans