Groups That May Be Able To Help With Resources
& Information On Herbicide & Chemical Exposure
( Illnesses, Treatments, Studies, Doctors, The VA,  Etc. )
Please email me ( if you are aware of a person, group or website that should be listed on this page as a resource for Veterans & their families seeking information & help with herbicide or chemical exposures.  
(This page has been created to try to help Veterans & their families not to endorse or favorite any certain group or specific information that may be found therein.) -- Veteran to Veteran LLC
A Veteran Based Site to Guide veterans through
the Veterans Affairs process for filing a claim
for service connected disability compensation.
We combine the Knowledge, Skills, and abilities
of Veterans to provide other Veterans the
Information and support they need dealing with
the VA system.

A Military Veterans Guide To Disability Compensation and Pension Benefits
By Jim Strickland
A Compendium of Resources and Knowledge For
The Disabled Veteran

This group will try to bring together ANY
veterans and/or family who have been
affected by AGENT ORANGE. Its purpose
is to try and bring MORE awareness of the
problems caused by AO to the public, to list
those veterans' problems for comparison
with other vets, to organize a guestbook of
such problems and to help those in need
of filing claims.

Veterans Information Website
Lots of herbicide info, along with
a lot of Veterans info
Yahoo Group:

Blue Water Navy Dioxin
Exposure Website
This site provides information related to
dioxin and other toxic exposures by
personnel of the Blue Water Navy, as well
as relevant Coast Guard and Marine personnel.

The Veterans Association of Sailors
of the Vietnam War
The Veterans Association of Sailors of the Vietnam War is founded on the principle of furthering the benefits for Veteran Sailors of the Vietnam War, their families, and survivors, and other Veterans of the Vietnam War, and the Vietnam Era, who have been damaged by exposure to Dioxins from herbicides used or transported to Southeast Asia during that war. We also welcome those who agree with and support our causes and efforts.
Yahoo Group at:

Blue Water Navy Forum

Thailand Veterans & AO
Excellent resources & information!
Here is the "homepage" for the VBA Section:
VBA (Veterans Board of Appeal) Site Map
Thailand Vietnam Veterans for Equal Treatment
Use of Herbicides in Thailand

The Bottom Line
"When are we going to do what is right, not
politically expedient? There is no time like now.
We must put aside petty differences and unite to
correct the injustices perpetrated by the US
Government towards Veterans."
***Incredible amount of information  compiled
& shared by
Kurt Priessman , MSgt, USAF (Ret) BA, MBA, CPM
Vet Advocate/Researcher

2nd Battalion 94th Artillery Website
You can find Charles Kelley's work here on the site's
Agent Orange link
Charles wrote
"Vietnams Rain Agents, Orange, White & Blue -
Weapons Of Mass Destruction"

HELPPP!, the Herbicide Exposure
Legislative Proposal & Promotion
is a Yahoo Group created with the purpose and
mission of establishing a forum to support and
advance the passage of legislation submitted
by Blue Water Navy veterans and introduced in
the Congress by the Chairman, House Committee
on Veterans Affairs.

Lots of information, excellent!

Dave Barkers HomePage
Lots of information, excellent!
(Navy Resource)

Tibbo's Bunker Gunners Australian
Our Australian Brothers & Sisters

The Korean War Project
Has opened an Agent Orange Registry - Korea
We have now opened the Korean War Project
Agent Orange Registry. It is open for access to
all persons who may have been exposed to
Agent Orange, all persons with questions about
Agent Orange. We are creating a Google Earth
presentation of physical locations of known
exposure, probable exposure, and locations of
camps and bases where exposure may have
occurred. This is a group effort and feel free to
post your own websites and information.
***Great Resource!***
Thanks to Ted and Hal Barker of
The Korean War Project

(Korean & DMZ Vets)
Yahoo Group:

U.S. Military Veterans with Parkinson’s
USMVP was formed to assist military veterans who
have Parkinson’s disease, especially veterans who
were exposed to toxins such as Agent Orange while
serving their country. Our organization is hard at

Second Voice Org For Children of Vietnam Veterans
We are the next generation, we are strong,
fighters, vigilant. We will fight for the men
we love and that served our country and for
our illnesses that we have Second Voice-
Organization For Children Of Vietnam
Veterans is an organization started by the
child of a Vietnam Veteran. The site
will collaborate information, contacts, studies
and support to help in understanding the
disease of the men who came home and suffered
many illnesses Caused by Agent Orange a
nd that are still being denied by our Governmen
t and Military.

Agent Orange & Birth Defects Blogspot
Birth Defect Research for Children sponsors this
site to provide abstracts of research and news on
Agent Orange and Birth Defects. If you would lik
e to share your name and e-mail with other
veteran families,
please contact

The National Birth Defect Registry
The National Birth Defect Registry is a
research project designed through a
collaboration of seven prominent
scientists. The registry collects information
on all categories of structural and functional
birth defects as well as the health, genetic
and environmental exposure histories of
the mothers and fathers of these children.
Registry data have identified patterns of
birth defects in the children of
Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans
. The registry has also helped detect clusters
of birth defects in communities with toxic
environmental exposures and in the
children of mothers exposed to similar
medications during pregnancy. Registry
data have been presented to numerous
government agencies and in many national
and international media forums.

Agent Orange Legacy
Agent Orange Legacy is committed to
improving the lives of the children of
Vietnam Veterans in the U.S.

Agent Orange Zone
A site for Agent Orange victims and their
families. Please share your Agent Orange
stories with us. Great resource for all current

The Order Of The Silver Rose
(This group offers The Silver Rose Medal to
A/O Victims)
Mission: To recognize the courage, heroism,
and contributions of American servic
e personnel found to have been exposed to
Agent Orange in a combat zone ... whose
lethal exposure to Agent Orange resulted
in internal, invisible wounds, which are
revealed only by the passage of time.

Project Shad/Project 112 is dedicated to providing a
central point of collection for information
related to the immoral Government testing of
US Navy Soldiers in the 60's. Project SHAD /
Project 112 has severely impacted the lives of
not only the soldiers that were tested on, but
the family members of those soldiers to include
deaths of spouses, children and grandchildren.
The government will never honor these soldiers,
these test subjects that were wrongfully
experimented on but we can by ensuring the
facts of Project SHAD are documented and
made public to the world. Only through
knowledge and education of these past events
can we try to ensure governments in any country
don't try these evil types of things again.

Project 112/ELK HUNT - Phase 1 & 2
ELK HUNT - Phase 1 "June through September
1964" Gerstle River Test Site
I was stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska
(HHC 171st Inf Bde (M)) before going to Fort Greely
to participate in the ELK HUNT Phase 1 & 2 Testing.
ELK HUNT Phase 1 & 2 were conducted near Fort
Greely, Alaska during 1964 & 1965. The testing was
done in the Gerstle River area (near Fort Greely).
I am bringing attention to the land based open-air
testing of Project 112/SHAD.

Verpa   All Veterans & Citizens should know
about this!
“Veterans & Families For Equal Justice Under
VERPA argues the ***Feres doctrine*** cannot and
must not bar judicial review of gross/criminal acts
or omissions of federal employees that injure or kill
our own Citizens or legally inducted persons in the
United States Armed Forces.
More about the Feres Doctrine:

(VetWomen Organizing Women) - - Provides liaison services for
accessing VA benefits and treatment for active duty
and veteran military sexual assault victims (MST)
Military Sexual Trauma..

"Remember this, if the Veterans, their families and communities do not take a stand on the current issues
and voice their concerns then we have no reason to
complain about our Government and what they are
doing.  This Government was formed of the people -
by the people - for the people!  Stand up and be heard!"

State Side exposure to Agent Orange PCB's and chemicals.   
Ft. McClellan, Al./Exposure to Agent Orange and other chemicals in the US is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to connect with Ft. McClellan, Al./Exposure to Agent Orange and other chemicals in the US.

Veterans Resources Network / VALaw

VA Watchdog dot Org
Keeping an eye on the VA because someone has to!
"The American Veteran's On-Line News Magazine"

Guam & Agent Orange
This site is for anybody who wants to tell their story about anything they know about Agent Orange or any other chemicals and dangerous contaminations on Guam. We welcome anyone that is interested including Veterans, Civilians, or Contractors.
This site is also for anyone trying to gain more knowledge on this subject.

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Contamination
The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) is currently studying the effects of toxic exposure upon former residents of Camp Lejeune.
This page was last updated: July 12, 2010
Agent Orange Diabetic Victims
Yahoo Group
This Club is now working with the health issues of Vietnam Veterans who suffer from Diabetes due to Agent Orange. We will deal only with health issues like keeping good control of your diabetes, new advances in health care and questions on your diabetes as it relates to problems you now have relating to health as well as general VA Benefit questions or issues deemed relavent by the group. Members of this group are all
"Partners for a Healthy Veterans Community"

Agent Orange Diabetic Victims
Google Group
Greetings to all our Agent Orange Diabetic Victims. Welcome to our new Google group dedicated to assisting our veterans who suffer from Diabetes due to exposure to Agent Orange while in Vietnam. Feel free to post messages and any comments you have on this important health issue.

Wildgun's Diabetic Info Site

The Battle Of Prostate Cancer
This brief is intended to summarize the important points of prostate cancer so that all men may havea better understanding of the problem and can ask their doctors effective questions. As a group, the
retired military men are older and should pay attention to this health problem to collect on their well deserved retirement.

The Neuropathy Association

The GBS-CIDP Foundation
(who now view Chronic Inflammatory
Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)
as the chronic form of
Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). )

Hep C Vets
An illness that all  Veterans
should be aware of !

Parkinson's Group
This Group is for all veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange and who have Parkinson's disease. Exposure may have been in Vietnam, Korea or elsewhere. If you were in Vietnam you are presumed to have been exposed. Join us in our fight to get Parkinson's disease recognized as presumptive to Agent Orange exposure by the VA.

ALS Group
Vietnam Vets who experienced and/or were
contaminated by Agent Orange and
contracted ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) & the
ir family members.Having to deal with the VA,
benefits, and ALS not showing on the
presumtives list for Viet Nam and Korean
Veterans. To share information on
ALS, treatments, care, medications, services,
and VA Claims.