Origin of an idea…..

In June 2011 The Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears was honored to be the hosted 
guests of  the Schoolhouse Quilters Guild of Cumberland Maryland, 
at that time a lady, Suzanne Cawley, submitted a quilt block honoring 
a Veteran friend of hers. 
It was beautiful and including one of my favorite images on it…

I immediately told her how beautiful I thought it was and thought it would make
 an incredible centerpiece on a quilt. Well, Suzanne made a large centerpiece for me! After seeing the piece it brought many ideas to mind on just how to use it. One idea
 we discussed was making it into a large quilt that people affected by 
Agent Orange could sign. So then Suzanne made it into a full size quilt face
 which she then sent to me with quilt backing and pens for signing. 
What an incredible lady, huh!?!  Thank you so much Suzanne!

Since then I have evolved the project further and have taken it and displayed it 
with the other quilts to see how well my idea was received. It has went extremely
 well and now I am officially adding the Teardrop Quilt to 
The Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears! 
Please remember! Just like the other regular quilts we encourage Veterans children/grandchildren affected by Agent Orange to be represented.

I have made “teardrop appliques” which I carry with us to each of our displays, I can offer these to someone immediately which they can write their loved ones name on to become a part of the Agent Orange Quilt of Tears. 

This alternative is in no way suggesting not to make a regular quilt block for their
 loved one but rather offers a way for everyone to be included in our project even if 
they do not have the ability to make a normal quilt block. I have already been asked
 what happens when the quilt is covered with teardrops? 
At that point I will simply start on the back!

I have included a reference to size, along with a light blue color scheme so that you 
are able to make your own teardrop. If you make your own teardrop don't worry
 about them being totally identical and perfect but please keep in mind the reference
 to size and color scheme.

I can also mail you one that I made then you can write the info on it and send it
 back to me. Or if you prefer you can simply email me the info to be written on the teardrop and I can write it on for you.
(my email: Armrdangel@aol.com, our snail mail address to send them to: 
A/O Victims & Widows Support Network P.O. Box Davenport, FL 33836

I also have little handprint motifs and/or pink or blue ribbons that I can put on the teardrop to represent the children/grandchildren.

I sincerely hope this project continues to be received well. 
I personally have made many quilt blocks for Veterans myself because 
they had no resources or a loved one to make one for them but I have 
found that at times that is impossible which has been heartbreaking. 

The Teardrop Quilt