In Memory Of Agent Orange Victims

The 8th Annual Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release
November 11th, 2015   1 pm   e.s.t. 
To recognize, remember & honor all  that have been affected by Agent Orange

Who Is Invited?
Everyone is invited to participate in this joint effort of coordinating balloons, doves, 
butterflies, ladybugs or the item of your personal choice to be released
 simultaneously or used as decoration all across the nation,
 remembering & bringing attention to the tragedy 
created by the use of these herbicides. 

Whether it's one balloon, one dove,
one butterfly or 1000!
Lets see how many how many we can 
get to participate!
It won't cost much---
It isn't hard to do---
Someone just might notice & ask us why. 

In an effort to coordinate this: 
Spread The Word! Here is an event poster you can print, post & share if you wish!
Click & Print>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>             <<<<<<<

** The amount of items you choose to release is totally up to you!

*****If you choose not to actually release the balloons please join in anyway
 by flying or decorating with them on this day.*****

** We ask that everyone releases their items at 1 p.m.est
** If you choose balloons they should be Orange in color & preferably made of
 latex due to environmental concerns.

*** (Please check with your local agencies about any laws or regulations) ***

Hints, tips, & info for environmentally  friendly balloon releases


If you will be participating & don't mind your name & location  listed with other participants please drop me 
an email to let me know. Who knows!? You might find someone else participating in your area & you may want 
to join together for the release. 
 Please feel free to take pictures of your local balloon"release" or balloon decoration & email them to us afterwards .
We will post any pictures we recieve right here afterwards so that we can share them with others!
My email:

"The Patches Walk" between Carson City & Reno  Nevada  coincided with our 2008 event!
Click on the link to read more details about the  2008 Patches Walk
The Veterans Guest House
Serving our Veterans and family members when Veterans have to travel distances for Veterans to receive medical treatment, The Veterans Guest House in Reno recently recognized 10,000 bed nights accomodations in the past 4 years              
  Read local article about Agent Orange  Click Here 
Some Balloons get stuck by the tree
Perhaps they stop to remember......
See more pictures of this at the video link by 
Clicking here
 Click Here 
To See  Prior 
Pictures & Videos
VA Combat Veterans  Stafford, Texas
Stafford High School ROTC    Stafford, Texas
Retired Master Chief Petty Officer James E. Craig 
& the Navy JROTC unit of Conroe, Texas
See more pictures of this at the video link by 
Clicking here
See more pictures of this on the news video link by 
Clicking here
Reno, Nevada
Orange Wreath that was presented at the Veterans Day Ceremonies in downtown Reno while 
Steve Hay-Chapman was walking "The Patches Walk" from Carson City to Reno. Steve's son also launched 5 balloons during the ceremonies
Read article about The Patches Walk click here 
See more pictures of this at the album link by 
Clicking here
Becky Gibbs, an Agent Orange Widow was the inspiration for this nation wide event 
Click here to see a video of Becky's 2008 Balloon release 
This page was last updated: October 18, 2015
This page was last updated: October 18, 2015
Toledo, Ohio
The 3rd Annual
"Patches Walk"

Please find it in your heart to open the file below & support the 3rd Annual "Patches" Walk which is in memory of a hero who died from Agent Orange related illness.
"Major. Hay-Chapman" flew  "Patches"
which is one of the most recognized Ranch Hand aircraft. In his ten months his Ranch Hand Aircraft were hit 500 times by ground fire.
 "Major. Hay-Chapman"
retired after 27 years in Oct 1970,while the going was good and fought to the last day trying to get a 100% disability due to Agent Orange. He did get it just before he passed away from diabetes in what was a lengthy process of amputations starting with a toe and eventually loosing both legs.

Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans 
  Levittown, PA
A Review Of Previous Events
View this montage created at One True Media
Agent Orange Balloon Release 2008
The Video Below Includes Pictures Of The 2008 Event All Across The Country
You  May Wish To Use The Optional Music Control (Below) To Turn Off 
The Background Music On This Webpage While Watching The Video 
Georgia & Milton
Raleigh,  North Carolina
Sincere thanks & hugz to everyone who participated  in 2008 & 2009!
Participants on Veterans Day 2008
Participants on Veterans Day 2010:
Henry & Shelia Snyder    
 Davenport, Florida

Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans   
        Levittown, Pennsylvania

Steve Burns and the
Veterans Association of Thomas County
Thomasville, Ga.
Sharon McKechan & family, 
Bushkill, PA

Jessica McKechan, 
Wind Gap, PA 

Melissa Kelbus,
Orland Park, Illinois
Veterans of Orland Park, Illinois
Orland Park Civic Center
Fifty American Flags Living Memorial
Bloomington, Illinois
John Ruzalski & Family
Hawley, PA

Beckie Mauler
Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Sharon Brennan/
Mt. Savage Elementary 
& Middle School/
VVA Chapter 172
Cumberland, MD
Janette Haire & Jennifer Christopher
(in honor of (Bill) William Lee Haire Jr)
Jackson, TN
Mike Lance & Family
Leo, Indiana
Bobbie Morris
Beaver County, PA
VVA Chapter 862

VVA/AVVA Chapter 451

Albert Stanley
Paulette Plouck
Sylvia Turnquist McPherson
Cindi Warnock

Cynthia Miller

Nikki Phillips

John Weiss

Susan Jeavons
Rome, Ohio

Karen Kalkbrenner Grey

Victoria L. Collier

Eileen Rathbun Broadwell

Joan Allegrini 

Sunny Fields

Jim & Nancy Spelic,
Willowick, Ohio

Terry & Darla Reiling
3340 The Alameda
Santa Clara, CA

Bobbie Morris, PA

Frank Williams

Sandra Meadows

AVVA Chapter 949
Huntington, WV

The Veterans Guest House
Reno, Nevada

Participants on Veterans Day 2009
Shelia Snyder

Create Your Badge
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A great opportunity to meet &  join with other participants!
Glassboro VFW
Glassboro, New Jersey
Hollie Pulley & Family
Creal Springs, IL
Becky Gibbs
Rolla, Missouri
Jeanie Hennig
San Antonio, TX
Melissa Kelbus
Orland Park, IL
Georgeine Marbeiter
Dunedin, FLA
Jennifer Russell, Tonia & Jeff Staggs
Waverly, TN
Richard G. Shuster
Reno/Sparks, NV
Pat Walley
Pine Hill, NY
Cathy Keister
VVA/AVVA Chapter 542
Gail Seward
Gibson City, IL

Phillip Gaudette & Family
Saratoga Springs, NY

Douglas C. Byram
Eastpointe, Michigan

Cindy Earl
Las Vegas, NV

Cara Wittcow 

Jean Senger

Erin O’Hearne

Linda Berry Mangliguis

Jennifer ‘Emery’ Bakken

Lois Shepard

Janet Austin

Kelly Elizabeth Morgan

Andrew Gwynn

Tracy Pisano Vicaro

Sharon L. Perry

Karen Renee Blake

Ken Phillips

Jack Fosnot

Kristine Dreesman

Nancy Cardwell Serfass Weiss 

Fred A. Palascak, Sr.

Barbara Dardeen

Conny Den Brok

Lynn C. Shindel 
Bloomington, Illinois

Jim & Carol Logsdon & Family
Bloomington, Illinois

Barb Fennessy

Daniel Duke

Tim Tenney,
Littleton, Colorado

AVVA/VVA Chapter 604
Topeka, Kansas

MSgt. Foster
Laura & James McKechan
Naples, FL
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Hanna Jungbauer
Gail Comtois
Barbara Verne
Dale Alan Prewitt
Michel Rolfer
LaCrosse, WI
Alexa Napier
Linda Fisher Wilkinson
Cheryl Fields
Cindy Earl
Jack O'Brien
Dusty Houston
Crystal Brumbaugh
Donna Stewart
Ginny Syvinski
Chuck Morgan
Amanda Bennet
Alex Como Sr.
Cindi Warnock
Alice May Henner Greenleaf
DeAnna Tippens-Chandler
Idalia Guzman
Donna Burden
Bratt and Jesse Armystrong
Bob Oulette Sr.
Lu Ann Maki,
Scranton, North Dakota

Margaret Hinton, Illinois

Chris Hinton, 
Pekin, Illinois

Florence McSween

Joe Joey Spado

Carolyn Kaye Shimmel

Charles Selph

Tom Field

Antoinette Taylor

Karen McKechan

Marilyn & Dennis Oliver
Toledo, Ohio

Becky Ginsbach

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Deb Lovett

Stephanie Pacatte Whatley

Claude Begin

Marlaina Clark

Click Here to see a review of  2009 
The 2nd Annual Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release
Click Here For Coverage & Photos Of The 2010 
Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release
to share your photos please send them in!
Click Here For Coverage & Photos Of The 2010 
Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release
to share your photos please send them in!
Click Here For Coverage & Photos Of The 2010 Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release

Due to environmental concerns we are asking that everyone use the balloons as decoration this year instead of actually releasing them into the atmosphere. 

Due to environmental concerns we are asking that everyone use the balloons as decoration this year instead of actually releasing them into the atmosphere.