A Crusader For The 
Common Veteran

In Honor Of
MSG. Jack Griffin
June 25th 1944 to June 1st 2001
 He was getting weaker and 
more tired,
and his mood was falling fast,
And he sat around the 
keyboard telling stories 
of the past.
Of a war that he had fought
 in and the
Deeds that had been Done,
In his exploits with his 
buddies-- they were
heroes, every one .
And though sometimes to his neighbors,
his tales became a joke,
 All his chatroom Buddies listened,
 for they knew where of he
 spoke. But we'll hear his
 voice no longer,
for Jack has Passed Away,
And the worlds a little Poorer,
for a Soldier Died today.
He was just a common 
Soldier, and his ranks are growing 
thin, But his presence should remind us ,
We may need his likes again.
For when Countries are in conflict, then we find the
 Soldier's part,
 Is to clean up all the troubles
 that others ,often start.
If our Country couldn't
 give him Justice, 
 While he was here to listen
 to the praise,
 Then at least let's give him
 honor, at the ending of 
his days.
Perhaps a simple notice on 
the Internet today,
 " Our Country is in 
mourning, cause a 
Soldier Passed Away."


From your fellow Nam-Vets and friends
on the internet,
Fordman, Budlite, Mac, Darby,
Hillbilly, Cavegirl, Doc,
And all their families.

"Reflections" is the speech my husband Henry gave at the closing ceremonies of 'The Moving Wall Experience' on Veteran's Day 2003 in Birmingham, Alabama at Elmwood Cemetary. I hope you like it....

Veteran’s Day 2003 ~ Birmingham, Alabama

Perhaps the most memorable thing to those who visit “The Wall” on any given day is the reflections……It’s reflections
 have made it famous almost since day one. 

There’s alot of people that will never actually realize the powers of those reflections like another Vietnam Vet. It’s 
pretty hard to even begin to explain it…… 
To say the least…
Some things just cannot be put into words.
 I think perhaps the best way to say it from
 a Vietnam Veterans point of view is…..
Standing before that massive list of 
names on that granite wall & seeing my reflection
 in it’s polished surface connects me back to those 
who paid the ultimate price……
When I look at my own reflection on its face I feel 
that we are all together once again…..
Thousands of men & women forever bound 
within the same reflection with no difference made 
by which one made it home & which one didn’t……
My own reflection silently whispers back to me……
We will forever be all one……
Soldiers, brothers who fought in Vietnam….

For some unknown reasons I was lucky & I made the
 journey home, altho differently than the names
 etched in stone…..Forever I’ll wonder exactly why….. 
But while I’m wondering what the reason may be I’ve 
been trying to spend my time helping others who 
made it back like me , together we will go on fighting whichever war we must, & every time I see my own 
reflection upon that granite wall I’ll whisper back …..
& know that I am heard because there are no barrier’s 
there when I look into the wall…… We are simply….. 
All the soldiers that are forever bound by Vietnam.….. 
I can sense every Vietnam Veteran that sees their own reflection there upon its face is connected just the 
same as I …..
It’s not something that we exchange in words,
 it’s in their look or a simple ……“Welcome Home”. 

Those of us that did make it home from Vietnam …. 
Many of us came home with other battles that we 
have continuously fought for over 30 years…..
Some of us have lost those battles or we have lost
 more buddies right here in our own country 
& we still do. For that reason I hope that you have
 taken a few minutes to visit Jennie LeFevre
 & The Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange
 “Quilt Of Tears” display. Just as clearly as you feel
 the connections to “The Wall” I think you can connect 
to the Agent Orange “Quilt Of Tears”…
You are not alone there either ….
Just like the “Wall” I am sure you will see some
 more reflections……there upon these quilts……

We are all forever bound by Vietnam…… 

Thank you & Welcome Home!

In Loving Memory
Master Sergeant 
Jack F.Griffin
The "No-Ghost" Group
Master Sergeant Jack F. Griffin
lost his life to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Peripheral Neuropathy, 
& Diabetes on June 1st, 2001
All were illnesses directly associated
to his exposure of Agent Orange while serving his tour with the United States Army in Vietnam.

I've created this Memorial Page as a 
tribute to my husband's buddy Jack Griffin in hopes that he knows how much his friendship meant to Henry & all the others that shared thru both the good times & bad. 
Your suffering is over my friend but we will miss you always.
May you rest in peace among the angels, you earned it by living as
a true American hero & devoted friend to all.

It's odd the way I never got to meet you in person or got to give you a hug, but you were a huge part of my life for quite a long time just the same. Oh, the hours that you & Henry would sit & talk (voice chat) on the computer! I can't even begin to count them!
When it was quiet in our house I knew that you were back in the hospital once again, I could also see it in Henry's face. 
I remember the day you bought your dream fishing boat so well! You were like a little boy & so happy! It made me laugh just listening to you & Henry talk about the fishing you would do. I also remember how you returned the boat soon after you got it because the cancer took a turn for the worse & you were 

spending your last days making sure that Carol & Billy would be taken care of.... You did a helluva fantastic job & my heart broke as I listened to you & Henry talk in those dark hours before your voice left my house.  My home grew so very silent after you went into the hospital that last time, things were quiet when they weren't supposed to be...something was missing...Jack it was your voice!
No...I never got to hug you in person but I couldn't have loved you any less.
Jack Griffin...how's the fishing in heaven :o) ! I know your there!