The 2nd Annual Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release
Orange balloons were released today in honor of all the lives that have been drastically 
altered by the use of Agent Orange 
Agent Orange & The Ongoing Tragedy

Many have paid the ultimate price, 
but their loyalty has never waivered. 
Many more need moments to regain their 
strength but they are survivors, 
 Their courage is unsurpassed.
As they strive to preserve the memories 
of the past, they are also striving to improve
 the future.
 May we always  be inspired by their strength,
their commitment, & their undying love.  
May we be strong enough to let them cry
 but not so strong that we cannot cry with them   
Most importantly
May our arms always be folded firmly 
around them & our love always be a 
part of their bridge..... 

Past, Present & Future
November 11th, 2009
Ralph Stanton,  Savannah, Missouri
The Veterans Guest House, Reno, Nevada
Sharon & Michelle
Wesley Chapel, Florida
Barb & Mike


New York
The Harris Family   Pleasant Valley, New York
The Hennig Family   
Mike Lance & Family
Leo. Indiana
Bonita Springs, Florida

Hollie, Kerry, Elijah & Savanah Pulley
Ms. Marti   Bismarck, North Dakota
This page was last updated: February 23, 2015
This page was last updated: February 23, 2015
The Snyder Family   Davenport, Florida
Stephen T. Littell Jr.  Catskill, New York
Stephen T. Littell III  Catskill, New York
Lisa Littell III  Catskill, New York
James Curran, son of Michael Curran
from Poughkeepsie N.Y.
Released at War Memorial in Pleasant Valley NY.
Tracy Ernest 
And Daughters
Beckie Mauler
 Red Rocks Amphitheatre  Denver, Colorado
Jeanie Hennig, San Antonio, Texas
Steve Burns  Thomasville, Georgia
VVA & AVVA Chapter #451 Baltimore, Maryland
Jim & Nancy Spelic with granddaughter, Kaytlin & neighbor Bud
Willowick, Ohio
Forty & Eight Balloon Release
Caitlin in Macadocious, TX.
These are for MSG (Ret) USA William D. Herring Jr. Roundrock, TX