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Claim Denied!

He put away his football
His baseball, bat and glove
He parked his car in their garage
And looked at it with love

He hugged his mom and kissed her
Hugged dad and shook his hand
Then left to serve his country in
Some far off foreign land

We’ll never know just why he went
What made him heed the call
We only know that when he left
He walked off proud and tall

He joined up with his unit
Fought bravely by their side
Some of them were wounded
And some of them have died

We owe these men our freedom
We owe these women too
They go to serve so you and I 
Can live the way we do

They don’t ask anything of us
Except when they’ve returned
Their minds and bodies broken
We give what they have earned

I guess its too much to expect
To let them live with pride
Its easier to ignore them
And stamp them “Claim Denied”

One day just when we need them
They won’t come to our aid
Cause Uncle Sam has lied to them
They have truly been betrayed

So congressmen and senators 
We ask of you today
Please hold a midnight session
And fix the DVA

You met for Terry Schiavo
You gave yourselves a raise
Meet tonight for Veterans rights
And earn our warriors praise

“I support our Veterans”
At election time you say
Prove to us you mean it
By supporting them today

Mandatory funding
Is what our Vets deserve
For the illnesses and injuries
Inflicted while they serve

Get rid of five eleven
Get rid of Feres too
Give our Vets the same rights
That belong to me and you

We owe these men our freedom
We owe these women too
They go to serve so you and I 
Can live the way we do

They don’t ask anything of us
Except when they’ve returned
Their minds and bodies broken
We give what they have earned
Copyright © 2005 
[Glenda D. Kelley]. 
All rights reserved

I Can't Imagine

I can't imagine how it was to fly into hostile land
To extend to wounded soldiers a helping hand.
You served your Country faithfully
Under circumstances inconceivable to me.
I can't imagine how it was at sea
So far away from family;
All those times when you weren't home, 
How you must have felt when you were alone.
I can't imagine how you must feel, 
Now safe at home with another battle to deal.
This enemy-cancer-isn't one you can fight
With weapon in hand or with power and might.
But our God and King has given us weapons you see.
For to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
I can't imagine the struggles you've faced,
I can can only encourage you:
Keep fighting the fight 
And running the race.

Dedicated to my dad,
Gene Marbeiter on January 3, 2006
Keith A. Marbeiter

Today as you're rewarded
with this rose of honor

Know the recognition started 
 with a smile from a child to a father

You sacrificed many things,
even risked your own life

Defending our rights and freedom
You fought with such great pride

To me you're more than a warrior
One who's brave and strong

And yes, the years were many 
for a child much to long

You fought long and hard for our Country
And for that I'll always be glad

I'm my book that makes you a hero
And I'm proud to call you dad.

Written by Tanya R. Marbeiter
on January 3, 2006 and dedicated to her daddy.


 Many a day I just wanted to quit,
Rock in my chair or quietly sit.
Growing old gracefully with nary a care,
“I’ve done all I can, I’ve always been there.”

 God reins me in, “There’s much to be done,
Think of our Soldiers, their battles aren’t won.”
An image appears in the quiet of night,
A beautiful Hero who bravely still fights.

 An inspiration to many, loved by us all,
The mountains he’s climbed, the many brick walls.
“Never surrender, this cancer won’t win,
With God and my family, we’ll fight to the end.”

 Angels surround you with God’s precious love,
Sent to bring comfort on the wings of a dove.
Reach up to Heaven when the going gets tough,
Give it some more when you’ve given enough.

 A most special lady is devoted to you,
A rock we all count on to help you get through.
Those difficult days and nights full of pain,
She’s a rainbow of sunshine, a calm, gentle rain.

 Gene, you are blessed with a spirit we crave,
Strong and determined and most of all, brave.
Your eyes are reflections of beauty and grace,
Most often seen by George’s sweet face.

 Your strongest ally in the battles today,
She’ll never give in to the lame V.A.
Taking up arms, with paper and pen,
Gathering her strength, on God she depends.

 We hold you both close each day in our prayers,
Our arms span the miles, please feel our love there.
With God as our Leader, His love has bestowed,
A light to guide us forward on life’s broken road.

 Lynn Price  ©  February 11, 2006
For Gene and George Marbeiter

Please Visit The Links Below

Gene & Georgeine's Homepage

Gene Marbeiter's Everlasting Memorial Site

The Marbeiters' faith has been an anchor & I admire them.
Their families' strength is unsurpassed, I've found myself 
at a loss for comforting words since Gene's death. 

The only compensation this Veterans family will receive is 
after his death & that is to be buried in Arlington National 
Cemetery. In conversation with Georgeine she feels that 
it is the least that our government can do, I tend to agree. 
I also learned that Georgeine has never been to Arlington & 
her first trip will be to see her husbands grave. 

I used recent personal pictures that I had taken while visiting Arlington during our trip for the In Memory Ceremony
in April, just prior to Gene's death. My reasoning might seem 
odd to some but its a personal reflection of what I've felt in my
heart each time I've entered Arlington's gates... 
Eugene Marebeiter should rest there, he earned it, he will
 rest among heroes that will understand.   
Gene fought the good fight &  finished his final race, but 
he never gave up his faith.
May he rest in peace, among heroes & angels.

Please Visit The Brain Tumor Society
(Research, Education & Support)

More brain tumors & brain cancers are showing up
 in our Veterans every single day!
Some have been directly linked to herbicide exposures
during the Vietnam time frame although, most 
unfortunately like Gene Marbeiters' was not..... 
George Bartol's was....
See his story here 

Is the road truly broken or just simply ignored?
Is it so much easier to just stamp "Claim Denied" than 
to do waste the money & time on the research? 
Who really gives a damn what a soldier gives?

Eugene C. Marbeiter


Another Hero died from brain cancer, his claim was denied repeatedly although while  serving in the U.S. Navy there was numerous situations that could have exposed him to many harmful chemicals from Agent Orange to asbestos.
The only compensation that he will receive is upon his death... 
Gene Marbeiter will be buried in Arlington Cemetery.
 Another Vietnam Veteran Dies Of Brain Cancer!
George Bartol